The Grand National 2020

February 3, 2020

The Grand National is a national race held yearly at the Aintree Racecourse in England. It was inaugurated in 1839. This race consists of a handicap steeplechase, requiring participants to jump 30 obstacle fences in two laps. It covers a distance of approximately four miles and five hundred fourteen yards. The 2020 Grand National will start at 6.15 on Saturday 4th April (CET). Over 600 million people will be watching it on their TV sets. Moreover, around 300 million will place a bet of an average £8 per bet. Interestingly enough, one in every three players betting in the Grand National are women.

The grand national 2020

What are the odds for the Grand National 2020?

Although many could be skeptical, it is possible to apply a component of science to Grand National Betting. It is really difficult to completely disregard the past trends. A little while back, players knew that if any horse weighed over 11 stone he would most probably lose. Nevertheless, this common knowledge seems to have now been reversed. This is due to contradicting episodes, one being the massive victory of Many Clouds back in 2015 carrying a monster weight if 11st 9lb.    

Points to keep in mind for Grand National 2020

If you plan on placing a bet prior to the big race day, make sure you are aware that only forty horses out of all entries can run. To successfully place an ante post bet, you need to find a horse which provides reassurance that he will make the line up. Many of the preferred horses will drop out before the race due to loss of form, sickness and serious injuries.

There is one last consideration you should take into account before you bet in the Grand National. Nearly every year, a fairly tale can be told for every Grand National betting winner. When you are assessing the form of this year’s participants, it’s good to take into account an appropriate story to go with a win for a certain horse. One example comes to mind, and it involves Richard Johnson. This year could be the long awaited lucky year where he is no longer regarded as the most unlucky jockey. You should go look into historical events and analyse the trends so that you are able to determine which horse will be this year’s winner.

Whichever method you use, rest assured that you will definitely won’t be alone in betting in the Grand National. You just need to look into our tips carefully and check which of our suggested bookmakers fit your needs best.

What is the meaning of handicap?

Every horse that is scheduled to run in the Grand National gets assigned a weight. The purpose of this is to level the chances for all the runners. The superior horses have the most weight of course. Statistics used to suggest that bigger horses had to make more effort in the races. However five out of the last seven winners had at least 11stones. As such, this has completely reversed the statistics which were being used few years ago. With regards to handicap marks, the course has been altered on safety grounds so the handicap has been compressed.

Is a horse’s age important?

Based on historical events, the eleven year old horses have proved to be the most successful age group. As for participation, there were two seven year old horses who raced in 2011 Grand National. Another three raced in 2012, another one in 2013, two in 2014 and another two in 2015. However there hasn’t been a race win from that age group since 1940. In 1853 the oldest horse ever, named Peter Simple has won the race at 15yrs of age. On the other hand, Many Clouds was the only one to win the 2015 race at only 8years, since 2002.

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